Parents Lounge – Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital

A place to relax, get some much-needed downtime and refuel is never more important than in a hospital that hosts thousands of families every year.

Working with The ARCHIE Foundation and Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, this space was created with the parents/families/carers of children in treatment firmly in mind. With a comfortable coffee shop vibe it was essential to balance practical issues of working in the hospital with a space that feels like it is far away from the wards, clinics and waiting rooms.

The Archie Foundation
Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital
Architecture, Interiors, Project Management
Parents Lounge – Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital

Making best use of this space was top priority – we wanted to ensure that anyone using it had everything they could need and would get maximum benefit. For us, that meant balancing practical and relaxing aspects – café style interior, table seating, side benches, vending machines and some highly useful appliances.


Kitted out with computers, charging sockets, TV and microwave – this Parents Lounge is a comfortable, calm and practical refuge for parents and carers that offers panoramic views over the city of Aberdeen. We hope it helps people recharge in times of tiredness and gives them a vital boost for when they return to their children's side.



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